Lines: Category

Lines: Category

Choosing the right category ensures that the feature will be displayed correctly on Google Maps and will be used appropriately for driving directions. To choose a category, clickAdd new and select Draw a Line from the drop-down menu, then select the category of line you'd like to draw.

The following types of features are available in Map Maker as Lines: 
Road: Thoroughfares that can support any type of vehicular traffic. 
Trail/Path: Biking or walking paths such as trails, walkways inside a campus or park, access paths to a building, etc. This type doesn't support vehicular traffic such as cars or motorcycles. 
Road flyover/Underpass: Don't use the Road category for these features. 
Pedestrian/Bicycle overpass: Trails or paths that traverse above a surface road. 
Pedestrian/Bicycle underpass: Trails or paths that traverse below a surface road. 
River: Water features such as rivers, canals, tributaries, or confluence. For features such as lakes or ponds, use Shapes/Places instead of Lines. 
Railway: Railway tracks or rail roads as displayed in the satellite imagery. 
High tension lines: High voltage electricity lines usually on the outskirts of cities. 

The following types of features should not be added as linear features at this time: 
Amusement park river features: Water rides, water slides, and other river features at amusement parks should be added as Places
Cable cars: Cable car lines should not be added as linear features; Add a Place to mark the entrance. 
Ferry routes: Please Report a Problem on Maps to have a missing ferry route added. 
Roller coasters: Roller coaster tracks should be added as Places
Ski or chair lifts: Ski and chair lift lines should be marked as a Place on the map at the start of the lift. 
Skyway: A pedestrian overpass between two buildings, sometimes referred to as a skyway, should not be added as a line since it does not connect directly to the road network. Instead, you can include the pedestrian overpass as part of the shape for one of the buildings it connects. 
Driveways should only be mapped if the address is set back from the road or the driveway is used to reach the destination. A driveway should not be mapped if it’s relatively short and the destination is accessed from the road. 

Once you've selected the category, you can add the feature.

Some roads may be closed to traffic during specific times. It’s best to Report a Problem so the appropriate time restrictions can be applied to the road. Include as much information about the time restrictions as possible. Examples of time-restricted roads include: 
Roads that are closed during the winter. 
Separated High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) or carpool lanes that are only open during commute times.