Edit a Line

Edit a Line

Edit linear features to change their details. Because a linear feature is usually composed of multiple segments, you can edit individual segments as well as the entire feature. To edit multiple road or trail segments, use the Select Road Segments tool.
Edit a segment

Find the feature and select the segment you want to change. Click Edit and then selectEdit this segment from the drop-down.

If the line is not aligned with the satellite imagery, you can move the nodes to correct it. 

You can also update the information in the left panel. Changing the attributes of any segment does not change the details of the entire line. For instance, changing the speed of a road segment would not change the speed of the entire road.

Edit the name of specific segment(s) by using the Select Road Segments tool. Learn more.

Click Save to submit or Cancel to discard the change.

Sometimes newly drawn roads are wrongly extended which makes them pick up the name of an existing road. These names can’t be corrected using the Edit this segmentoption. Instead, please use the Select Road Segments tool.

Edit the entire feature

If you'd like to edit the details of the entire feature, select Edit Entire option for this from the Edit dropdown. This will allow you to edit the geometry of the feature and update the information in the left panel.

Any name change should be done for the entire route to ensure consistency. You can use the Edit Entire option for this. If part of the route has an alternate name, please use theSelect Road Segments tool to add the name as a separate route.

Edit multiple road or trail segments

Using Edit options, you can edit attributes or geometry of a single segment or the entire feature.

To edit multiple segments simultaneously, click Edit and Select Road Segments tool. This is particularly helpful for renaming a few segments of a long road. The tool allows you to edit multiple segments only for certain linear features such as roads, trails, flyovers, and underpasses. You can also edit geometry of multiple road segments using Select Road Segments tool.

How to edit

Click Edit and Select Road Segments. 
Once the segment is selected, click Next to proceed to further editing options. 

Edit road attributes

The Select Road Segments tool allows you to easily edit the attributes of a long stretch of road. Click Edit road attributes. You can make changes to any of the attributes in the left panel. Learn more about filling in linear details.

Any attribute change is applied to all the underlying segments. 
Sometimes the segments within the selected path might have different values for particular attributes. This is indicated by the (Multiple Values) text as seen below. 
Click the dropdown to see all of the values. The bolded options represent different values of the selected path. Any option you choose will be applied to the entire selection. 
Once you've made your changes, click Save to submit them, or click Cancel to discard them. 

Edit road names

Using the Select Road Segments tool, you can easily edit the road names of a long stretch of road.

Convert to Trail

To convert a road to a trail, select the segment using the Select Road Segments tool, and click Convert to Trail in the left panel. To know more about when to convert a road into a Trail click here.
Convert to Road

To convert a trail to a road, select the segment using Select Road Segments tool, and click Convert to road on the left panel. To know about when to add a road click here.
Best Practices: 
To add, edit or remove road names, click Edit road names on the left panel after selecting the segments. 
In the left panel, you'll see all the names associated with the selected path. If the road has no name, the left panel will display Unnamed. 
To modify an existing road name, click the drop-down associated with it, select the desired option, and click Save. 
Keep unchanged leaves the road names as-is. 
Extend to all applies this road name to the entire path selected. 
Remove from all removes that particular road name from the selected path 
To add a road name for the selected stretch, fill in the Language, Type, andName details in the Add new name section. 
When adding a name to an unnamed route, make sure to select "Remove from all" for the “Unnamed” route association. 
Click Save to apply all name changes to the selected path. 
Always select an appropriate extent of the route to add/change the attributes to ensure the data is consistent. 
Always changed the required attributes along the stretch that is selected and leave other unchanged. 
Select the appropriate options from the drop down for extending the names on the routes using a select road segments. 
Make sure to change the attributes appropriately to the extent in belongs to using Convert to Trail and Convert to Road.